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ECR Intranet Portal Launch!

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ECR's Intranet Portal is now online! Here you will find a constant source of information related to company activities. Also, this new portal promises an interesting articles, discussion, accomplishments and project updates. For those who are not familiar with Intranet system, please feel free to read further on topics below.

What is an Intranet?

It's like the Internet, only smaller and much more private. You can imagine it as a closed version of the Internet, or at least semi-private computer network. It relies on the basic Internet protocols, as well as the same type of network connectivity between machines. But unlike a basic local area network (LAN), an Intranet doesn’t require that all the computers on this network to be within the same room or building. As with the Internet, the network can rely on the public telecommunication system to connect distant computers together.

Unlike a LAN, an Intranet is also about more than merely accessing another computer’s desktop or hard disc drives for file and print sharing. Intranets typically use a Web-styled browser, but also support other features such as FTP sites and e-mail for the sharing of information and communication with other users within the organization.

An Intranet is used to convey information. An Intranet is ideal for any company that wants to have a single point where employees can get information about the company. Information about training, benefits, products, projects or customers can be deployed on the company’s Intranet, but that information will be protected from outsiders.

An Intranet also helps to centralize and organize data in one place, so employees can quickly and easily locate, share and contribute timely information. One of the more powerful features of an Intranet is the ability to collaborate with other employees and obtain important corporate data from one central source.

Benefits of an Intranet:

1. Allow a company to share information among employees or partners, but it can also limit access to the outside world.

2. Greater access for all employees, especially for a small or medium-sized business that must rely on the quick sharing of information between multiple offices or locations. This provides faster and easier access to more accurate company information.

3. Ease of use for employees, because existing Web browsers can be used to navigate the Intranet. This reduces the need to install specialized programs in many cases, and further requires little additional training of applications.

4. Ease of shared data, reducing the need for printouts or other hardcopies.

5. Protection of sensitive material, as users log in to a closed network and data does not have to be sent out to users in different offices or those working remotely. Instead the data is access by the individual, thus limiting the chances that a person outside the company might access it.

6. Updated information can be available to all users at the same time.

Powered by open source framework and equipped with CMS (content management system), ECR Intranet portal provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and publishing of large volumes of content including HTML, documents, and rich media to your fingertips.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 May 2011 00:49

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